CORRIDA Dominican Republic

Dressed in unabashed yellow, this CORRIDA is the opposite of shy and retiring. It challenges and entices with a balanced yet independent blend of milder, slow matured tobacco from the Dominican Republic.

 It comes enveloped in a double-fermented wrapper from Ecuador. The overall composition is one of endearing sweetness with naturally spicy undertones and an aroma which is full yet fine. Together, these factors guarantee a superb taste experience in a class of its own.

  • Mild and perfectly balanced.
  • Opulent, soft composition for a pronounced taste experience.
  • An enticing waft of roast aromas lend the delicate tobacco flavour a hint of nuts and toast.


Corrida Dominicana

Size: L 152 mm, Ø 20,6 mm / 6 x 52

Corrida Dominicana

Size: L 127 mm, Ø 22,2mm / 5 x 56


Wrapper:Claro, light to medium brown, delicate and silky
Aroma:The overall composition has an endearing sweetness with naturally spicy undertones and an enticing waft of roast aromas.
Taste:Creamy, sweetish mild and spicy with notes of coffee, vanilla and nuts.
Burning:Very good and homogeneous all during the whole smoke
Smoking time:Robusto+: 45’ aprox.
Toro+: 60’ aprox.
Corrida Dominicana Wrapper
Corrida Dominicana Binder
Corrida Dominicana Filler
Dominican Republic