Happy people at the Corrida event and how the two new cigars tasted

By Vasilij Ratej, published by www.zigarren.zone

On 09.05.18, at “Au Premier” in the Grand Casino Baden, VILLIGER presented two new products: the CORRIDA BRAZIL and NICARAGUA. Guests enjoyed a positive and happy event. They enjoyed the pleasant weather which meant that they could smoke and chat with like-minded people on the spacious terrace - and most did it without their cellphones. The event was a 30s gambling night with a dress code.

It was a great location: A large hall with various gaming options was provided for the guests. CORRIDA cigars were available from two points. During the first part of the evening, the CORRIDA from Honduras and the Dominican Republic could be enjoyed. The new products were presented during the second half of the evening. However, the new products were leaked on social media almost two weeks beforehand.

Two large well-stocked drinks counters were available for refreshments. The weather was mild and the large terrace could be used for smoking. Spacious lounges were provided and guests gladly used these areas right up until the end of the event. At around 8pm, the 3-course flying dinner was served. The waitresses were fast and friendly - there was enough food and drink. I found the food to be delicious without exception. I spoke to the guests, what did they think? “Look Vasilij” one guest said to me, “the food is pleasantly warm and tastes great - and given the number of guests, I am really impressed with it!”. There were around 130 guests. The parent company of CORRIDA is VILLIGER. They didn’t splash out - but plenty of effort was made.

“I already know both cigars” another guest reported. He mentioned the “reds” and the “yellows”. “But I am really curious to find out what the new CORRIDA tastes like!”. Before that happened, the gambling tables opened. Non-cash prizes could be won. A live band played covers. But seriously: Initially, the guests didn’t really engage with the band. This didn’t happen until the second part of the evening. Then the band really rocked and the atmosphere was electric! But let’s come back to the new CORRIDA cigars because they were finally presented. I spoke with the guests: how did they find the taste? The guests enjoyed the CORRIDA BRAZIL in the first half. Then the taste decreases and the sour notes take over. “It must hide something else” was the opinion. After a few weeks or months these cigars will be stored in home humidors as a treat. Later I spoke to the guests having tried the “blue” from Nicaragua. “Creamy, great tobacco taste from the start to the end. A great tobacco taste!”. I spoke to 25 guests about their impressions of the new cigars.

What I noticed: Very few guests were glued to their cellphones. The majority chatted to other guests. They smoked their CORRIDA, enjoyed the food and drink – and they engaged in lively discussions. I saw smiling people everywhere, enjoying the company of others. "That is what makes a cigar event” said Dominik Botti (team leader of the VILLIGER Event Team). “These days, it is often a challenge to find a location where you can enjoy cigars. But we have a great team and we make it possible”.

The evening wound down at around 11.30pm - the event officially ended at this time. I can remember the many positive comments I received from the guests. The VILLIGER Event Team did an excellent job as always. And I’m certain of one thing: The new CORRIDA BRAZIL and NICARAGUA will gain lots of fans. I’m one of the them.