CORRIDA. Powerful additions to the brand with the bull.

Taste: it’s all about character.
Unadulterated power, full-bodied and unwavering in its strength of character. An uncompromising all-or-nothing approach to life:  the bull on the label says everything you need to know the brand. Style is enjoyment with attitude, and choosing this cigar is your own personal style statement. CORRIDA can’t help but make a big impression.  While the choice of four colours, different compositions and provenances each place a subtly different slant on your enjoyment, whichever CORRIDA cigar you choose you are guaranteed unforgettable moments of indulgence and pure, unadulterated enjoyment of the very best tobacco of its origin that money can buy.

Unadulterated and full of temperament, CORRIDA cigars are second to none.  Fully in keeping with the sign of the bull, they proudly display their unconventional, down-to-earth character in four different facets:  From powerful to mild, fully aromatic to finely spiced, aspiring cigar lovers can indulge their passion for enjoyment to the full in a choice of XL sizes.

CORRIDA stands for enjoyment which is full-bodied rather than delicate.  As fiercely independent as its name suggests, this cigar is an animal that goes its own way. It invites you to celebrate a success, mark life’s special moments  or simply take time out for the enjoyment of luxuriating in an excellent hand-rolled cigar. Who could resist?

Sporting a modern carbon look, CORRIDA cigars deliberately set themselves apart from tradition. Everything about it says “think big” – which is why it comes in consistently unconventional sizes: The ultralarge Robusto+ is significantly bigger than standard. And the Toro+ 6 x 52 format is designed to provide the assurance of absolute pleasure.  Be prepared: it is…



The two cigarillo varieties CORRIDA BRAZIL CLUB and CORRIDA NICARAGUA CLUB convince with an exceptionally fine as well as balanced filler and have been rolled with a wrapper from their respective country of origin to promote the development of aromas further. The somewhat larger club format also emphasizes the premium segment of our brand.



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