The CORRIDA BRAZIL CLUB is rolled by hand using a quality Brazil Arapiraca wrapper. Its dark color stems from the unique process in which the tobacco is harvested and fermented. It can only be done in Brasil. This approach lends the cigarillo more aroma and, at the same time, provides it with a milder but also sweetish taste. The taste of the cigarillo remains an interplay of aromas, which is complemented by coffee and sweet floral notes.

  • With hand-rolled Brazilian wrapper
  • Format: length 96 mm, diameter 9.6 mm
  • Origin: Brazil


The CORRIDA NICARAGUA CLUB is the stronger one of these two varieties. The pull is short but intense and stands for a robust tobacco mixture, which is balanced in every aspect. The club cigarillos of this range fit perfectly into a brief period of indulgence and offer a well-rounded smoking experience. They are spicy and develop aromas of leather, tobacco, with pepper, and earth.

  • With hand-rolled Nicaragua wrapper
  • Format: length 96 mm, diameter 9.6 mm
  • Origin: Nicaragua


Unadulterated power, full-bodied and unwavering in its strength of character. An uncompromising all-or-nothing approach to life: the bull on the label says everything you need to know the brand. Style is enjoyment with attitude, and choosing this cigar is your own personal style statement.



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